David has been telling us about the results he gets with his 'secret bait' for some time now, and today we're finally putting him to the test.


We've been out fishing quite a lot (for us fishing novices) over the past few months. We've been out in a boat with friends in the Whangarei Harbour, and have also tried out using Dave's Bait Launcher while travelling around in our motorhome. The results haven't been spectacular.


Our best results were in the Whangarei harbour, where we caught a number of small snapper and kahawai, along with a large number of undersize snapper that we returned to water. We used a variety of bait, including squid, pilchard and kawahai.


We have'nt had success yet with the bait launcher from David, his advise is we need to use the "Secret Bait" this will make a difference - we were using mullet for bait.


Dave's inflatable with putt-putt

Dave's inflatable with putt-putt


So, we met up with David at Eastern Beach - a popular swimming beach in suburban Auckland.


It was around low tide when we climbed into his inflatable, which was just big enough for the three of us, Dave, Shuping and myself.


We putted out about 600 metres offshore and got set up with the bait we were going to use for the afternoon's fishing. 


After half an hour or so we were ready to make a start.



Dave's first snapper

Dave's first snapper



Within 15 minutes Dave hooked his first snapper, around 8 lb, and bigger than anything we'd caught so far. Over the next hour or so, this was followed up by 3 more snapper, all of a similar size.


The only hiccups in catching snapper was the occassional stingray, which also liked his bait. 


During this time, we all had our rods out, but Dave was the only one catching the fish. I was starting to think that maybe it was something about Dave that was attracting the fish because we were all using the same bait.




Chris's first snapper while fishing with Dave!

Chris's first snapper while fishing with Dave!


That was until I got a hit on my line, which promptly went crazy. This is what I reeled in about 10 minutes later.


It weighed in at 9.74 kg, or 21.5 lb!


What an afternoon! What a testimony to his bait and the way he sets his hooks.


There were plenty of baby snapper around, but none of the smaller fish touched his snapper bait - just the occassional stingray. Not even undersize snapper.


Now I can say that, not only do I know Dave's 'fishing secret', but I also know that it really does work.


You can too. But Dave wants to raise money for cancer research and support, so you must click here if you want to find out for yourself. It only costs $20, so he needs lots of them.


PS: not everyone is going to catch a 21 lb snapper on their first attempt. Just remember, we didn't catch any undersize snapper that afternoon.




Finally, if you'd like to share some of the excitement of hooking a big one, play the video below. Just be warned that Dave got pretty excited and forgot that we we recording...