Getting started with fishing can be challenging, especially if you don't have an experienced guide to help you. Here is some basic information to help you get started.



You can fish from a small boat or kayak, or from the rocks or off the beach.
In my case I fish from a kayak, sometime a 3.1m rubber inflatable or off the rocks using a 12/14ft (3.6/4.2m) rod to help with getting the line out further.


The rod and reel you use can be of the average cost to the very best if required.

In my case I've used average cost gear.

  1. Fishing Rod
    Your fishing rod must be able to handle the size fish you want to catch. 
    I use a 7 ft (2.1m) rod 5-7kg.

  2. Reel
    Choose a reel and line to suit the fish you want to catch.
    I use a Shimano FX4000 reel with 200m of 6kg nylon line, a 5m 12kg trace both lines tired together (special knot) no swivel allowing the trace in through the rod guides which helps when landing good size fish. I usually fish with a No 4 size  and find this is suitable for larger snapper I catch on this light line.

  3. Miscellaneous
    You will also need good sharp knife, an iki to kill your fish, bait board and a safety line to hold your fish together especially when in the kayak. Also make sure you have all the safety equipment on board. You will also need a chilli bin to store your fish in.

  4. Bait
    The bait I use is shown in my $20 Fishing Secret that you can purchase.
    I have fished using this secret way for over 50 years, with many good size fish caught.


  1. Safety comes first! Make sure you are prepared for the type of fishing you're about to do.
  2. If fishing from the beach, set yourself up away from the crowd. You will normally get better results in those quieter spots.
  3. Be prepared! Some beaches can be dangerous. Don't wade out into deep water. It's advisable to wear a inflatable life jacket which has few restrictions when on.
  4. Learn to read the beach formations. Sometimes the calm area's on surf beaches are a sign of deeper water or a hole in the sand. Fish feel more comfortable there as they have a better chance of finding food.
  5. Some people believe in using large baits for average fish. I don't think it's necessary. In most cases, long line fishermen use small baits, which are easier for fish to take. It also helps to keep the fish alive until they get them on board.
  6. Purchasing the right bait, or one of the many methods with lures or soft baits, can also be rewarding. However, my secret way can produce good sized fish at no cost at all for bait.
  7. My best times for fishing are 2 hours before and after the turn of the tide with the low tide being my preference.
  8. I fish a lot from my kayak at beaches with sheltered water. I usually go to the side where rock formation are, in close around 20m of the rocks ,or close to an underwater  reef in shallow water (around 1.5m) using my secret way of fishing. These methods of fishing are legal all around the world.
  9. Being prepared to catch good size fish is important, prepare yourself well for the circumstances which may arise in catching and landing your fish. When I'm putting my fish behind me into a chilly bin I make sure and thread a safety line through the mouth of the fish and out the gills in case it drops over the side.
  10. Here in New Zealand our regulation on snapper is 10, size 30cm, I only take fish over 40cm. When I have 4 or 5 fish I'm heading home. This I find is plenty to feed three families.
  11. I normally find that, if small snapper are in the area, then larger fish are there also. However, they are shrewd when taking baits, you need to feed the right bait and my secret has been very successful for me.

There will be more tips when you purchase 'the fishing secret'.


A good friend of mine now uses this method, and he commented: 'This is the smartest and best fishing I've ever done in my life'.


The picture below shows him with a 15lb 7oz snapper he caught, followed by a 12lb a week later, both only 100m off a local beach in 1.5m of water using my fishing secret.

I've caught many large snapper, including kingfish, in this way.


Peter, with a 15.5 lb snapper caught using my secret bait.